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There are many myths about Russian women. It is said that they want to get married abroad to improve their lives. Another rumor is that they are looking for a partner in western countries because they are interested in obtaining a visa and escape from their home country. These myths are untrue. If you really think so. Please read on. The fact is that these women are trying to find a partner abroad because of demographic reasons. The point is that in Russia there are far more girls than boys and now the ratio is 100 women for 86 men. So 14% of women has no chances to find a husband and create a family. Therefore, they are looking for men online to find a husband. For them marriage is also important, have a husband. Have family and children. The same cultural and social norms apply to Russian brides. The main reason for this is the fact that according to Western European standards. Russian adults, especially young men, have a very high risk of premature death. The reason is unhealthy lifestyle and alcoholism. In conclusion, I would like to say that Russian girls are no different from other girls in the world. Russian girls just want to have family, children and be happy like other girls in the World.