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There are many myths about Russian women. It is said that they want to get married abroad to improve their lives. Another rumor is that they are looking for a partner in western countries because they are interested in obtaining a visa and escape from their home country. These myths are untrue. If you really think so. Please read on. The fact is that these women are trying to find a partner abroad because of demographic reasons. The point is that in Russia there are far more girls than boys and now the ratio is 100 women for 86 men. So 14% of women has no chances to find a husband and create a family. Therefore, they are looking for men online to find a husband. For them marriage is also important, have a husband. Have family and children. The same cultural and social norms apply to Russian brides. The main reason for this is the fact that according to Western European standards. Russian adults, especially young men, have a very high risk of premature death. The reason is unhealthy lif…

About free online dating with people and first meeting in real live

Interaction via internet with foreigners or local singles is very easy. The fact is that in the end you will have to arrange a live meeting with them and carry on a conversation. It is very easy to send messages back and forth on any local or international free online dating website. But it can be really big difference when meeting in real life, when you have to be face to face with someone. You might be nervous and not know what to say to keep the conversation going. So, the best solution is to be ready with some questions. Be creative with your questions. Try to think of something fun and out of the box. This is very important not only for singles at online dating sites. After asking questions show them that you are listening, and feel free to share stories about yourself. When you ask a question to your date, they also might ask you one. Just be prepared to share a few of your own great stories. The interaction will usually change in an interesting conversation. But if it doesn’t, t…

Meet Asian women and get to know their most valued personality traits

Eastern European and Asian women and their personality traits are well known on any matchmaking services. They always value family life more than a professional career. They also love to take care of themselves and look their best. But this is not the only trait that sets Asian women apart from other women. Almost all Asian or Eastern European girls know how to be up to date with the latest fashion trends. Eastern European and Asian women know how to apply the make-up the proper way. They know how to groom their hair to look her best. But the physical features of Eastern European girls are not the decisive factors when it comes to attraction with men. Russian women are also famous for being magnificent housewives. Russian and Ukrainian women are also great cooks and loving and caring mothers. Eastern European girls usually are taught since their childhood how to cook traditional Russian meals, bake tasty cakes and telling the truth, they really love doing it.